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Google Voice

I will discuss this in much greater detail later, but I just wanted to mention the subject of Google Voice.  I think that this new service is absolutely incredible and can really help you boost your business – and the best part is the service only costs between $2 and $10 for the LIFE of the service.  One of my good friends in AZ turned me on this and I am so glad he did.

Now for you bigger fabricators who already have dedicated T1 phone systems this may not be of any interest to you.  However, I am starting to use my Google Voice number as my primary number and it is absolutely incredible what you can do – so you may want to consider using it in conjunction with your existing cell.  I think for the “owner operator” this service offered by Google will be invaluable once you begin using it.

Check it out here:

Check out Google Voice

I will tell you in greater detail how the service has helped me and what I think is so incredible about it when I get a little more time.  In the meantime just check it out for yourself!

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