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Outdoor Funiture

Even though it is Corian, it is still awesome. Anyone want to make some outdoor furniture out of Hi-MACS?

Nature-inspired design with a modern twist gives this Corian outdoor furniture by Avanzini the edge on others! The Leaf line of outdoor furniture was created by architect Giancarlo Zema with folding, leaf-like forms that are soft to the touch and sweet on the eyes for a unique, one-of-a-kind patio, garden or balcony setting. This furniture features a flexible backrest that bends to your body’s curves for a level of comfort that is matched only by its chic look. Available in a range of hot hues like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and the classic black and white, your outdoor spaces will be as vibrant as you are! Check out this cool Corian furniture collection at Avanzini.

Bad Weather

Watch the whole video.  It gets a pretty entertaining!

Focus and Dedication

If you have focus and dedication you can achieve just about anything, be it sports, relationships, education or business. Check out this kid for inspiration.

Portland, OR

Ok so a friend of mine shared this video with me. I have only been in Oregon for 11 months now, but this video is hilarious and actually does an excellent job of describing Portland!!

Safety in the Field

Just a reminder that safety extends beyond the shop and into the field.  Make sure your templaters and installers are using their seatbelts.